The Social Gallery at the Australian Centre for Photography


Richard Hancock, Rachael Ireland, Cameron Longshaw, Koji Makino, Adam North, Jeremias Zylberberg

30 October - 29 November 2015  

In conjunction with The Alchemists: Rediscovering Photography in the Age of the Jpeg in the main galleries, the Social Gallery upstairs presents the group show Darkroom Social. This year the ACP began Darkroom Social, a group of like-minded, analogue-inclined photographers that meet once a month in the ACP darkroom to discuss, experiment and inspire. After a year’s work, the group exhibit the fruits of their diverse practice. 

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Rachael Ireland  untitled (combination print)  2015

Rachael Ireland untitled (combination print) 2015

Artist Statement:

Begun during a residency at Hill End, this work in progress explores domesticity, industry, human mortality and the endurance of the land in a response to place. Using the darkroom technique of combination printing, these prints conflate still life and landscape imagery into a single photograph. There is a blurring at the thresholds between home and non-home, the personal and the social, past and present. The specifics of time and place dissolve, creating an expanded reality.